Tuesday, February 02, 2016

How do know if you are depressed?

Depression is not always easy to discern, even for medical doctors, because not everyone has the problems with sleeping at night (associated with low melatonin) or trouble getting moving in the day. Some people do not show these classical signs because they are highly driven people with a strong will-power and they can just keep going.
At the core of depression is not so much mood and energy. Depression means that the core energy supply is low. Needed core energy is in short supply.
This life energy is used up by the will - 'making yourself' get up. This life energy is used up be many emotions. Depressed people even find being with people is draining. Life energy is needed for our days activities.
Depressed people may have to limit their goals for daily production because they do not have the energy to accomplish as much as they would like. It is like hoping to make a long trip but you only have so much gas in the car and you have no more resources to buy more.
You might compare it to have a flu or cold and the body is fighting with the virus. Meantime you have very little energy to do other things. That is why you advice sick people to go to bed - to conserve needed energy for the immune system.


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