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Rev. Ralph Rutledge pastor Queensway scandal

Ralph Rutledge was pastor of Queensway Cathedral Pentecostal Church until the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) defrocked him. Yes pastor Ralph Rutledge was removed from being head pastor of Queensway Cathedral and his credentials to preach within his denomination were removed as well. This was severe discipline from those in charge of overseeing the pastors in the POAC.

As I understand it, the PAOC leadership considered the details of this discipline hearing to be confidential. They published very little about whatever was confessed or witnessed. So the Ralph Rutledge scandal remains in obscurity.

They remained silent when Ralph Rutledge began to manipulate the story to his advantage and make them look bad. He (The abuser) pleads 'victim' and there was nothing said. He makes the church look bad: 'Those bad guys are picking on poor Ralph.'

Most of us around Queensway Cathedral heard rumours that the scandal involved homosexuality. But there was no clear statement to that effect, just rumours. The details as to what this meant did not get out.

As I remember it, and I may be wrong, Ralph admitted to some homosexuality but not a lot of homosexuality. He was the victim not the aggressor. He may have suggested that an adult male molested him but I am not sure.

I had contact with students and clients that sometimes provide unexpected information. One of my students brought information that Ralph's behaviour involved a much larger breach of professional ethics, religious standards and the moral guidelines followed by his church ans denomination. Then recently a client reported that her boyfriend had been seriously messed up by what Rev. Rutledge said and did to him when as a young man he was sent to Rutledge for counselling. His father sent him and obviously put trust in his beloved pastor that, if this report is true, was seriously betrayed.

If these reports are confirmed by other credible sources that we have a very serious scandal - a pastor abusing pastoral authority and position by actively soliciting young men. Ralph Rutledge was a significant Canadian public figure based on the height of Ralph Rutledge's popularity, the size of Queensway Cathedral and the far reach of his television ministry. He still has a following and a ministry: "Grace Restoration Ministries" of Toronto, Canada "a faith based outreach ministry to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor and needy of the world, and to bring healing the bruised and broken."

I fear that the harm done to these young men in their gender identity, their relationship with God, in their faith and in their trust of men will be found to be considerable. I believe these wounded individuals needs support to go public about their abuse. That is part of their healing process. I am publishing this blog entry to initiate a process of bringing the truth to light and let healing begin. I fear that much harm has been done may continue to be done if we allow these allegations to go unattended.

I fear that the PAOC may have left a 'wolf in sheep's clothing' loose to harass everyone else. It is as if they were to say "We don't want any homosexuals in the PAOC but you can go a prey on others in the Body of Christ." This compromise would leave the rest of the church open to possible abuse of the same type that they decided was not appropriate for a pastor in the PAOC.

Matthew 18 describes a process of confronting sin. There are several steps in increasing public exposure from a private encounter, to bringing witnesses to a public decision by the church. Well we got to the final level. They had listened to the witnesses. A decision was made public. But no details were revealed. The sin of Ralph Rutledge was not exposed. There was no full exposure and no apology to the Queensway Cathedral in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. To this day I have not heard Ralph Rutledge reflect a broken and contrite heart about this issue. There has been no humility. No confession.

The wolf that remains hidden can still attack the sheep. A pastor is a shepherd. Shepherds protect their flock. That is why the PAOC overseers removed Ralph Rutledge. Shepherds expose wolfs and 'blow the whistle.' We got that kind of shepherding for the PAOC now we need it for the rest of the Bride of Christ.

Update (Dec. 21, 2009) Since publishing on the Ralph Rutledge scandal two persons have contacted me with confirming evidence and a concern that this matter be brought to the light.

Update (Dec. 23, 2009) Two sources indicate that the book "Demons in the Sanctuary" by a Miriam Bellamy has relevance to Ralph Rutledge and his 'leadership' in a local church since being kicked out of the POAC. This fictional account describes a "pastor's arrogant pride and unethical conduct."

Update (Dec 27, 2009) A man who is to this day dealing with the fallout of his relationship with Ralph Rutledge. This man needs prayer to deal with an extremely painful matter arising out of his relationship with Ralph Rutledge. Please pray for him and all those who are still suffering from their relationship with this man. This particular man said: "I am sorry that I ever met Ralph Rutledge."

Update (Dec. 28, 2009) Ralph Rutledge phoned me today to say that none of the allegations about him are true. He said that the events referred to are from 20 years ago. He questioned my motives in reporting these things implying it was some kind of personal vendetta. Also, in his opinion dragging these things up would hurt the Body of Christ. He was angry at me. There was no humility, no self reflection on his own sin.

That is the gist of it. I was not able to take notes. I could report him more accurately if he wrote something out and e-mailed it to me. I did invite people to contact me with information to add to this story. If you do so you need to identify yourself: full name, address and phone number so that I can verify my facts. It is best to write or e-mail and, then, if and when it is appropriate I will phone you with specific questions.

My response to Ralph is: One - that the good shepherd who is protecting the flock does so out of obedience and love. Two - my information sources suggest to me that the Rutledge's misuse of the responsibility and authority of the role of pastor (shepherd) goes back at least 20 years and that the behavior is also quite recent and likely ongoing. Third: When the wolf is caught eating lambs, the shepherd goes by the evidence in front of him not the wolf's denial. When Jesus said: "By their fruit you will know them" he meant the attitude and character of the person and actual reports of his ministry. Jesus is clearly saying to identify the 'wolf in sheep clothing' by actual track record not words.

Update Dec. 29, 2009. An elder from the Good Samaritan Church reports much hurt from Ralph Rutledges time as senior pastor there. He confirms many concerns with Ralph's behaviour (sexual and financial) that were never resolved. One financial accusation was "to do with net4jesus internet deal that Ralph put together apparently without approval of the board." It becomes clear to me that Rutledge was not held in check by or accountable to the Board of Good Samaritan Church. He controlled and intimidated them! This rebellion against appointed authority is one example of bad fruit in reports of Rutledge's ministry.

Update Dec. 30, 2009 I now have information from a reliable source that supports the contention that Ralph Rutledge has not fully committed himself to transforming his life and is not prepared to make a whole-hearted commitment to saying no to his sin patterns. He will not submit to an accountability process to hold his feet to the fire. He can play games with the counselling process but he resists the deep commitment that changing such strongholds requires. This is another report of behaviour and attitude and, therefore, fruit.
Hebrews 12:1 adjures us to "lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race set before us." My information indicates that Ralph is not doing willing to do that. He will not allow God to heal his life he will not be accountable for his sexual behavior.

Update January 4, 2010 I did not know this but it appears that Ralph Rutledge made several attempts to be reinstated by the PAOC - to get his papers to preach as a PAOC pastor. In spite of his considerable influence and top level contacts this never happened. This would be evidence that in the judgement of the PAOC Rutledge was not ready for restoration at the time this happened.

Update January 6, 2010 I need to report that Ralph Rutledge not only intimidated and controlled the board of the Good Samaritan Church but he intimidates those who have been wounded by him or who might expose him. He has many tricks to use to cover his tracks and avoid accountability. Just like he phoned me to express displeasure at this blog he also phones those he has wounded if he hears they are talking about him. If this is to be exposed we need the backbone and courage to not be intimidated.

Update May 9, 2010  I have had several discussions with the author of Demons in the Sanctuary and have met with the members of the board of the Good Samaritan Church to hear first hand reports of their experience when on the board when Ralph Rutledge was the head pastor.  No one provided evidence that suggests that the public should not be concerned about  Rutledge.  The evidence people present to me not only confirms my original concerns but add other concerns of possible spiritual abuse (misuse of the power and position of being the head pastor in a way that hurt others) possible financial abuse (misuse of the power and position of head pastor and the trust engendered by that to build his own financial position at the expense of others).  So the account of Rutledge's time at Good Samaritan Church adds to what was already suspected from Queensway Cathedral of possible sexual abuse (misuse of the trust position of being a respected pastor to engage in homosexual relations) and then possible misuse of his power and position to cover up and avoid accountability for these actions.

Update: July 12, 2011.  The news is not good for those who love Ralph Rutledge.  Over the last year there has been no documented facts that would support the thesis that he has faced his sexual addiction, sought treatment, turned away from it and established an accountability group to hold him to it.  Nor is there any evidence that he does not have a sexual addiction which has lead to crossing boundaries in his professional role as a pastor.
The perspective presented in Mariam Bellamy's book Demons in the Sanctuary, based on his final years at the Good Samaritan Church in Breslau, has been confirmed repeatedly by everyone I have contacted or who has contacted me as credible witnesses.  Many insiders affirm that the facts are not fiction although the names have been changed.
That book, based on supportive church minutes and documents, points to boundary issues in personal relationships, habitual lying, putting glory focus on himself rather than God, unprofessional 'sexual' gestures, speech and behavior, sexual harassment, money schemes (dual relationships) and manipulating the personal and positional power that he had as a minister. 
The evidence to dis confirm these affirmations just has not surfaced. 

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At 9:27 PM , Blogger George C. Hartwell said...

If you have information related to the Ralph Rutledge scandal please contact George Hartwell M.Sc. by phone: (416) 234-1850 or e-mail
ghartwell (at)

At 4:43 PM , Blogger OLGA BROOKS said...

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At 5:36 PM , Blogger KPM said...

What ever has happened to Mercy.I am so thankful that Mercy re-wrote my Life. I had to limp up on the potters wheel myself I was marred and broken but he made me again. It seems to me that the author of this blog has a little poison in his inkwell.The so-called Queensway Scandal and Ralph Rutledge seems to be fodder for those who have never sinned or failed in life. I'm glad Jesus loves Ralph Rutledge, his family and even you and me George
Why Mr George Hartwell M.Sc. would you solicit rumor and gossip about Rutledge a child of God instead of prayer and forgiveness if any of this recent gossip(which I doubt) is true KP McInroy

At 9:23 PM , Blogger George C. Hartwell said...

We are all wounded and hopefully broken open to God in the process. God's mercy and Jesus' work on the cross - the shed blood of the Lamb of God - brings forgiveness of sins.
But God's mercy does not mean that God is soft on sin. The horrible price paid to set us free indicates that God takes the wages of sin very seriously.
Please note that the process of exposing sin in one mans life is an act of love. Love confronts. Love does not excuse sin, immaturity and abuse.
I hope that pastor Rutledge takes it as a compliment that I care enough to put up a warning flag. Yes, I have chosen to go public with facts and in the process invite facts that confirm or deny the suspicions I raise. Anyone who knows and loves Ralph Rutledge has been hoping and praying that he will get serious about his sin patterns, get serious about the therapy process, get serious about an accountability process in his life and, for God's sake, remember that he will stand before God and give an account some day.
TODAY is the day of salvation. TODAY is the day of repentance.
Prepare to meet God, TODAY.
You are missing and messing with great gifts and a great calling. You have messed with the Bride of Christ.
Do you not think there will be serious consequences?
Do you not think that God will vindicate - act to judge and protect - the Bride of Christ?
Do you not fear God, Ralph?

I have a fire in me not just for the love of this man but for the healing of the Body of Christ. I have been told that there are wounded young men across Canada because of this man. I care about that!
Let the wounding stop!
Let the healing begin.
I mean it.
Let the fire come and let it begin with me. Purify my heart, Lord.
I am broken before you.
I am broken for you.
I am Your Servant.
Let God arise.

At 6:14 PM , Blogger KPM said...

I am afraid George that people who are seeking out the un-toward about Ralph Rutledge have for all intents and purposes missed the mark and are doing the Body of Christ grievous harm
It would be much better for the Body of Christ if you were to Solicit the Good that Ralph Rutledge has done and it has been manifold. Ralph may have failed as have you and I.But let me say this George If to-morrow you were told you had a few short months to live (and someday you will) and you need someone to believe God and intercede on your behalf and pray the prayer of faith I would suggest to you that you call Ralph Rutledge for in all of his shortcomings(and he has many like us all)but He knows God and knows how to Pray and Pray in Faith Believing God for the Answer.Now I am sure he is battle weary,wounded,scarred and brokenhearted and at times feels forsaken by his brethren but Bless God He's a survivor and survived in spite of his critics and his own shortcomings some real and most imagined
Now unless things have changed the Sin Principle is still resident in all us.However it appears to me that those that would endeavor to Judge, Condemn, and Summarily Execute Ralph Rutledge and His Ministry are Advocates of Trial by Ambush in the Halls of Innuendo and Falsehood (the Halls of Justice notwithstanding) and of course their lives are exemplary before God and man and for sure the sin principle has been totally eradicated as they walk in sinless perfection fighting the good fight by spreading gossip, slander,lies, and more innuendo by accident or design as part of their daily arsenal.
I have not had time these past years to comment on issues like this because of business demands and being Mr. Mom for 15 years or more to four Great Kids as we lost a wonderful mother and wife when they were babies. But it seems to me that the Army of God is Hell bent on trampling underfoot their wounded and fallen soldiers which is exactly what has happened and is happening to Ralph Rutledge
"Now George" mercy means that God Forgave Sin and cannot even remember it. For it is in the sea of His forgetfulness because lets just say He wanted no malice or prejudice to influence Him(not that HE could have) in His on going dealings with us because He knew we would fail and fail again. Who are We to judge Ralph Rutledge?Who are You to solicit information on sin that God cannot remember under the self appointed Umbrella as God's Chosen Inquisitor.
I believe you are a sincere man George C. Hartwell but nevertheless sincerely wrong in soliciting nefarious scandal concocted in the minds of many who misjudge compassion,love and tenderness for something wrong and sinister because they heard lies and innuendo about one of Gods Chosen in venues perhaps like this.
You say you want the wounding to stop and that you have a love for this man.How can you love a man and his family who have been battered, scarred and wounded while you attack and wound the already suffering and bleeding Ralph Rutledge Family, because YOU have chosen to go public.A Godly woman said me many years ago "If you can't say something good it is best you say nothing" she really didn"t say it that way she said "Keep Your Mouth Shut" that was my mother who fasted and prayed tirelessly for me and people just like you George that God would bless and grant us wisdom and her prayers are continually before the throne for us to-day isn't that great to know that She is praying for us now!!
To the reader of these comments if they are posted(and they may not be) and to the moderator of Heal My Life I would say to you Yes Let the Healing begin and let it Begin in You and me, by the cessation of the publishing and propagating of biased, bigoted malicious gossip and perhaps even slander that does nothing but bring reproach to the Body of Christ

Just try a cup of Water!"In His Name"

Because of Calvary

KP McInroy
Still in HIS grip

At 12:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel bad for you George. You have obviously suffered some form of sexual abuse in your past. That would explain your total disdain for Ralph Rutledge. Forgive your abuser...that hatred will eat you alive. Move on my friend...rise above. Let God deal with Ralph...maybe he was also a victim as a child?

At 12:09 AM , Blogger George C. Hartwell said...

You suggest that I have either hatred or disdain for Ralph Rutledge. I look in vain for any evidence in my post for this theory.
There is no need to posit such theories if we understood how important is loving truth confrontation in the Body of Christ.
What we are dealing with has the potential for being very serious. I am not kidding when I say that a pastor abusing pastoral authority and position by actively soliciting young men is a very serious scandal. We must discover the truth in the matter. That is the purpose of this blog.
If true this would be a scandal and offense in and to the Body of Christ and the holiness of God.
If you loved Rutledge you, too, would be deeply concerned for his soul.
If you loved the Body of Christ and cared that the Bride not be ravaged by the 'shepherds' then you would be deeply concerned about the Bride.
If you had the least calling to a shepherd, apostolic or prophetic role in the Body of Christ then you would blow the trumpet in Zion to warn of the wolves that ravage. For you would no that to fail to warn is to have the blood on your hands. I refer, of course, to God's anger with the false shepherds as revealed in Ezekiel 34.
"For lack of a shepherd they have been scattered." May it not be so!

At 8:54 PM , Anonymous Brenda Brown said...

I recall hearing something about Ralph Rutledge years ago, and although I did not know what the problem was at all, I felt a burden of intersession for him. As the burden came on me I felt led to write to him, and in that letter I gave him a word from God.

Part of the instructions God gave me to give to him included NOT writing about the incident because people would not understand the problem. I did not feel God's rebuke against him at that time, and I would suggest before anyone preconclude judgment, that they get their 'news' straight from God. That is the only way anything is unbiased and pure, without human gossip and condemnation. Anything else is just being part of the problem. If we want solutions, God is the only one who knows the situation and the real problem behind the scenes, and therefore the Only One who can deal with it properly.

Brenda Brown

At 8:55 PM , Blogger Adam said...

I believe that love does cover a multitude of sins and we are to cover our brother's nakedness. Not to excuse sin by any means. Reading Heal My Life, IMHO believe that if you're going to go on a 'hunt' present facts, not enuendos and heresay as you have written. God knows the heart and God alone will judge the motives of the heart. I do not think you are doing the body of Christ any favors by your relentless attack on a brother.

At 4:38 PM , Anonymous KPM said...

Well George, Lets just have a little chat again about Ralph Rutledge and "The Grace of God" which I am sure you know the meaning of but for some who may not and for their edification it simple means "Unmerited Favor" or you got something that you don't deserve and for that I am sure we are mutually grateful.
Now there is another aspect to Grace. When Grace become evident in our lives that was because Dis grace was prevelant and we were out of favour with God and in sin.
Now I do not want this note to become an epistle to chastise nor is that my intent but I am amazed at your abundant lack of Christian Charity to-wards Ralph Rutledge especially when you so openly declare your being filled with the Spirit what is most evident is your apparent spirit of bitterness and unwillingness to accept that Gods Grace is freely given to all Including Ralph Rutledge who is now living and ministring under the umbrella of Gods Love and sheltered in the
Sanctuary of Gods Grace
Since you are filled with the Spirit as you stated I hope that you are aware that all the gifts are resident in the Spirit and as we yield ourselves to Him and consecrate ourselves on the altar of sacrifice and crucify ourselves daily only( and man thats tough and boy have I failed) then and only then can the gifts of the Spirit become evident in our lives the least of which is tongues.
Now I beseech you to show charity and grace to-wards Ralph Rutledge not treat him like Josephs brothers treated him when he was cast to the bottom of the well.
Furthermore George the lack of grace in ones life is a disgrace and I am hopefull that you would not choose to bring disgrace to yourself and your minisrty and by refusing to show charity and grace to a brother failing to do so does nothing but bring disgrace and disgrace smells George
I am reminded of a story of some students we'll say from EPBC the PAOC Bible College who put some limburger cheese on the lip of a fellow student while he was sleeping He woke shook his head and said this room stinks,he went out in the hall and said the hall stinks to and then he went to the tuck shop and said man what stinks in here so finally he said "THE WHOLE COTTON PICKIN PLACE STINKS" and George the lack of grace in our lives stinks and we carry it with us wherever we go
Only in Genesis was man ever considered pure and blameless and from then on we see man's never ending fall from Grace and I am so grateful for the "SCARLET CORD OF REDMEPTION" that can be traced From Genisis to Revelation.
Thank God there are return tickets available back to "His Sanctuary Of Grace" I have used one maybe two or more as have you George and Ralph and so many hundreds, Yea thousands and now we can all say in concert "But For The Grace of God There Go I"

Blessings on You George,I encourage you "Try a cup of water in His name"

Because of Calvary

KP McInroy
Still in His Grip

At 10:13 PM , Anonymous Elaine Brown said...

My husband and I were founding members of Good Samaritan Church in 1987. When Ralph came in the early '90's we felt very uneasy around him and felt there was something very wrong like maybe all his issues were not cleaned up. We did not feel comfortable and only attended sporadically until we moved to another community.

At 9:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only does this situation leave one 'wolf in sheep clothing' out among the flock, but there are far reaching consequences of a new litter of wolves. Many of those who have been abused by R.R. are out working among youth as this debate rages on. We have just found out that our (now adult) son was abused by someone - about 11 years ago - who had fallen prey to R.R. at one time in his life. Though we were aware that this had happened to this man, we did not realize that he was perpetuating the abuse. This person continues to work among marginalized youth. Where does it all end?

At 10:56 PM , Blogger George C. Hartwell said...

Thank you, anonymous, for your observation that those Ralph Rutledge abused are now abusing others.
The wounding and branding in a wrong identity that young men have received, from an unfaithful man misusing his role as a godly pastor, is now being passed on to other young men. One "wolf in sheep clothing" has given birth to other 'baby' wolves in sheep clothing. What a shame and outrage!
Thank you, I don't think anyone would have thought of that if you hadn't reported it to us.
No one really believed me when I asserted that many young men across Canada have been touched in an inappropriate way by this one man.
That really means that it is in the public interest that this story be told. Isn't that the logic and loving conclusion?
The damage gets perpetuated, sin gives birth to sin, evil gives birth to more evil. It must be stopped. It must be reported.
As the Bible tells us, we must "expose the works of darkness." (Ephesians 5:11)
Those that really love Ralph Rutledge will, as the Bible says, "speak the truth in love." (Ephesians 4:15)
We are not transformed by pretending that wolves really are gentle sheep! We are transformed by putting off our old self. (Ephesians 4:22)
These scripture admonitions are not just any verses, they are Paul's description of how the church works, if it is to "build itself up in love" and "no longer be infants."
I stand here as a man - a Christian man with the backbone to put my reputation on the line for the love of the Body of Christ.
Let men be men and stand up and be counted.
Come on Christian men, stand with me in this. Let men be men; let the works of darkness be exposed and let God's kingdom arise in Canada. Be men!

At 4:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was looking for Pastor Ralph Rutledge's address when I came upon your site. While the comments you seek are filtered by you (as per blog information)making me believe that you have a biased opinion that is far from reality, I still choose to share a piece of my mind. There are many evil people in this world, or I should rephrase in saying, people filled with evil, and I know that a lot of these evil filled people have caused the pastor that we knew, loved and cherished our time with for over ten years to be ripped from us. Leaving my husband, my children and I scarred as the church showed unethical revenge based on non factual accusations. I was there when words were thrown as knives, I was there when the man that has helped us surpass hardships in our lives, prayed for our wellbeing and our health and famililes, cried and showed every bit of compassion towards us. I was also there when Miriam stood with her written statement along other members of the board making accusations whose foundation was based on emotion and unresolved personal dillemmas. I truly felt sorry for them, as I felt sorry for our Pastor for having to face such trauma. The information regarding Pastor Ralph's accusations was made available to the church by Ralph himself, and many of us knowing him in the spirit and having bonded for over ten years knew that the only error on our beloved Pastor was his trusting personality and believing that everyone is good.

Is Pastor Ralph guility of child/young adult molestation? Is he guilty of a crime that should be punished by law? Better yet, are you guilty of any sin Mr. Hartwell? If you're not, be the first to throw your stone. I have known in my failry young life, hundreds of thousands of Christians, and I have learned failry young from the Word as well as life, there is no human without error. Saying this, I hope you do what's right, unless you have proven evidence, stop throwing stones at Ralph Rutledge. Stop embaressing God's name and tinting His image. It's because of people like you and those who sin under God's veil that people in need don't find their salvation. Honestly think, what good does your blog bring to the needs of Christians? What purpose does your unethical/unconfirmed blog serve for His people, for those starving, for those crying, for those who live with pain in everyday life. Do you think that a non-christian will read your information and say.."oh my Lord, I want to serve You, I want to be around people like these?


At 6:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I attended QC for 10 years ..what a bunch of hypocrites and The Poac keeps it all under wraps ..whatever happened to the truth.I would never go back to a Poac church...ever..I remain spiritual . Everyone seems to be trying to silence your views . I hope you continue to speak loudly and gives others courage to follow suit.

At 1:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to me that perhaps this ought to be a police matter, if he has been misusing his authority as a pastor and damaging young men in the process then there comes a time when the authorities should be notified to hopefully sort out what is or isn't the truth.

If he is a closet homosexual, that is one thing, and I say let him come out of the closet. Sexual molestation is another topic altogether. If these reports are true then real accountability needs to take place and the Church isn't always the best place for that.

Pray for Ralph, yes indeed, but what if their are victims whose traumas are going unprayed for and unacknowledged. How hurtful would that be??

I pray the truth, whatever it is, will be known and true healing will hopefully result. Truth heals even if it is painful.

At 11:51 PM , Anonymous Glenn Bowles, Vancouver said...

I know almost nothing about the writer of this blog, nor Rev. Routledge. I do know about typical means whereby a wolf tries to intimidate and refocus attention away from himself and his issues toward others. Mr. Hartwell, the careful actions of the PAOC, the materials you have collected on this site, the majority of the responses that have questioned your motives, all are typical.
You are dealing witha very troubled and unrepentant church leader (the worst kind of church leader, whom Satan loves to encourage), that will do ANYTHING to redirect and besmirch others.
I plead with you, for the Body of Christ's sake, not to give up,until Rev. Routledge repents, changes his life and lives for Christ or he is taken home (as hard as that is to say).
You need to know that I am not a PAOC member nor a resident of Toronto (although I visited QC onseveral occasions as a child). I live in Vancouver and am a Baptist. THis "Kingdom" issue is a plague to all beleivers , and we need to stand as strongly against this as to issues any of the rest of us face in our denominations. So may the Lord strengthen, protect and prosper you, as you guard your motives and serve our Lord Jesus.

At 11:27 AM , Blogger wenwon said...

As a person that regularly went to QC for over 10 years, I would say this post is completely accurate. Every bit of it.

My only criticism is that you should list the names of your sources. There's too many mentions of "my sources" in this post in my opinion.

Having said that, I've known many people that went to QC that can confirm the details in this post.

For whatever it's worth, (I'm a guy) pastor Rutledge approached me on several occasions and I can't remember one time when it didn't feel creepy to speak to him.

Great post and thanks for writing it.

At 11:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too went to QC up until I was about 16 and left the Pentecostal church. I remain a spiritual person, but my experiences there caused me to reject that faith and lead to me questioning organized religion. I actually think this blog is a god send...the truth of this stuff should be out there. As someone who attended and affected, I'll share my experiences.

wrt RR..I never witnessed any sexual abuse. The only funny situation I recall involved a very short tenure for a youth pastor whose name escapes me. I recall him being straight from bible college, with dark hair and glasses. He joined and very quickly left...there were rumors that something happened between him and RR but again I witnessed nothing directly.

One thing I did witness that unsettled me, occurred back before the renovation when the santuary was a smaller, circular room. There were two services, and two sunday school sessions... essentially 'shifts' where people would switch so that more folks could be accommodated. I can't recall why, but one Sunday I ended up sitting through both services in the sanctuary. There was a long tradition of speaking in tongues and speaking in the spirit certain times during the worship so I wasn't surprised when an unfamiliar man stood and launched into a passionate plea from God that it was better to give than receive...a plea for the congregation to give more money. On the pulpit were RR and the senior pastors. Imagine my surprise when during the second session, the same guy was there speaking the same message and the same pastors were there, listening as if they heard it the first time. Besides his ego and drama, that is all I directly recall about Ralph Rutledge.

My challenges were with Ken Gill. I met with him regarding some struggles that I was having with dogma of the church (the trinity) looking for specific evidence in the bible. The trinity was everywhere, accepted and spoken about but I couldn't find anything in the bible talking about it. He provided a scripture that alluded to it, but not something that was concrete. When I said that it wasn't enough, he said that i just needed to trust him as my youth pastor. When I said sorry, you are just a man and I need something from God...if the trinity is so central to what we believe, certainly the bible should say something specific. He laughed at me.

The other experiences were attempts to 'train' me to behave as Pentacostals will all have to forgive me, but I always and still believe that if God wanted me to speak in tongues OR be bowled over by his power...and I invited it...that he wouldn't need my help. On one occasion at a youth retreat at Circle Square ranch, he called up to the front all folks who hadn't spoken in tongues. He was determined to get us to experience it, and told us that we had to practice it, start baby talking...the ultimate in pressure in front of a room full of people with your pastor coaching you off microphone to start babbling. I didn't...and he didnt seem happy.

Another similar event at the church in the smaller room the youth met in. This time, I guess I was supposed to be bowled over by the spirit. He banged me in the head when I was praying with my eyes closed. I was surprised and opened my eyes, but didn't feel anything wash through me and swoon and fall...I closed my eyes again to worship, and he did it again. He seemed irritated that I didn't play along.

Those are the experiences I had oh so long ago which lead me to believe these spiritual events were forced and conditioned...and not real to me. It made me think the whole deal was fake...and I left.

There you go..from someone who was there.

At 1:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

These allegations are NOT speculative - sadly, they are quite factual.

My own father was a victim of Ralph's sexual advances and abuse as a teenager and a young adult man during his time at Queensway Cathedral (over a period of several years). Tragically he later went on to abuse my younger brother in a similar way.

While it may be quite likely that Ralph himself was a victim of abuse in the past, I find it completely despicable that this man who has abused and caused pain to so many young men has been allowed to continue on his "ministry" - now even working with children in Third World countries - and potentially continuing this abuse.

PAOC severely mishandled this situation which should have been dealt with legally.

At 7:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find that the comment about the fakeness of the Holy Ghost experience shows that the man was simply not anointed by God. God simply did not choose to pour His Holy Spirit upon him. It says a lot to me about him, though, who knows, God may have mercy. The Holy Ghost was fabulous in Queensway Cathedral during Ralph Rutledge's pastor-ship. So many who was very good in the Christian community through out the world came to QC. We attracted more than 5000 people per service to the Toronto Passion Play, filling about eight services the week before Easter. It was good, and holy. (About that man who didn't find the Holy Ghost at Queenway Cathedral: I found none of what the man described at Queensway Cathedral; he wrote about Circle Square ranch, which has nothing to do with Queensway Cathedral. But if the man at Circle Square told him to talk gibberish, well, it is that man, and not God, and it does not deny the real existence of God or the Holy Ghost, or His work.)
Pastor Rutledge fell. Why can't you face that? He may go to hell. I think he may have a devil on or in him, making him think he - when it is the devil - is a "latent" homosexual. So the whole to do is so big because Pastor Rutledge was that good, but fell. The Pentecostal Headquarters knows what it is doing, and it did it to Pastor Rutledge, when he fell. Thank God. (I wish they had told us, because we were very upset. But if that is what he chose, let him go to hell. The wicked vineyard keepers in parable of the Bible, who beat and abused other workers in the vineyard, will be "torn in two, and cast into hell," by Jesus Himself.)
In the end, one does have to think about it this way: if he had murdered someone, does the Church not have to charge him? Can the Church let a murderer out free to murder? I once knew where a rapist was, and the Holy Spirit was so angry with me because I didn't feel like calling it in to Crime Stoppers. So, He said, so to speak said, not in words, you will be responsible for further rapes of other women. You will cause them. So I called, and he was caught. Is there no responsibility to stop a murderer? If a murderer, then why not a sexual molester? Does the Church have to call the police and charge Ralph Rutledge with rape and sexual molestation? Maybe the answer is this: the Bible says that if you are raped in the city, and do not call for help, you want it, and both of you have sinned, sexually. Face the facts of life, no one called for help to the police - it was a crime they charged him with - so they wanted it, if it happened. You're supposed to scream. They were in the church building. Why were there no screams heard by anyone, even of the hymn leader? He wanted it, I say, by the Bible, and so did all the others if they did exist.
I trust the Pentecostal Church headquarters. They booted Ralph Rutledge out. So be it. That's the decision, and I abide by the Church's decision, and have nothing to do with him. I am disappointed with him, that he did not repent before the people, clean up his act, and join the congregation as a member, where he would be welcome after the punishment given to him by the Church, if the Church let him back in, which I think it would. If he repents, take him back in, Paul says in his letters about the man who was found to have a sexual affair with his mother or step mother ("the wife of his father").

At 4:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a very young man at the church who hung out with Mikey, another young man who was staying at the pastors house. He never molested me but boy was it creepy the way he would greet us, or talk to us, leering, almost as if he genuinely believed he had the power and charm to entice us. It definitely did not feel right. I've often wondered if he was molesting Mikey.

At 12:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The author of this blog, the cathedral & any other witnesses should report what they know to the police if they believe a crime has been committed, it's called pedophilia. No-one has used that word on this thread at all,calling it what it is. If we suspected that there was a murder in a church, wouldn't we report it? So how come the church is so backward in reporting pedophilia? If these allegations are true, this guy needs to be in jail & I hope that at least one of you on here, who has any sort of evidence or witness statement regarding the crimes of this man; have the courage & good sense to go to the police. If for just one reason only, that's to stop any other child from being sexually abused.


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