Thursday, September 24, 2009

Witchcraft Prayer – Praying to Control

Witchcraft Prayers are prayers that control

Prayers where we set the goals without listening to God are witchcraft prayers. In are witchcraft prayers we decide how God will meet a particular need. As ambassadors of Christ we must represent accurately the will of God. To do this we must be following orders and staying in touch.That is the value of listening prayer.

An individual prayed that their family member would get sick every time they drank and that is what happened. As ambassadors Christians have a lot of authority. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Because God is deeply committed to health I believe that it does not represent God well to speak sickness on someone so they will not act on their addiction.

It is especially controlling if the person with the addiction has not made the choice to be free. Nor have not asked to be made sick every time they drink (or smoke). Here we are going against the person’s free will by imposing our own will. Imposing our own will, ‘our good idea,’ is, I believe, controlling. It is therefore a witchcraft type prayer.

God is committed to our choice, our freedom to choose, and is not into controlling prayer, not into witchcraft prayer. I have explained - Fear and Control - that lack of trust always underlies the need for control.

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