Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Do we need alternatives to drug therapy for depression?

Several thing have happened since the initial glow of success of drug therapy for depression.

1. The initial success, especially over a short term of 6 weeks, resulted in putting emphasis on medication.

2. To promote the use of these medications medicine created a story about brain chemistry needing to be corrected. There was no evidence of this widely believed myth.

3. Researching on the long-term effectiveness of antidepressants, we began to discover they were not an effective cure for depression. They are minimally effective. See: Jeremy Lawrence. Antidepressant drugs don't work – official study. The Independent. 2008 February 26.

4. Then we became more aware of how the brain reacts to and adapts to chemicals that play with serotonin reuptake. Those adjustments can leave one in worse shape than those who did not make use of antidepressants. see: Page on sciencedaily.com. That is because the brain reacts to changes (homeostasis) and makes adjustments in its own neurology by reducing the circulation of  serotonin. 

5. Now we are in a that state of confusion that occurs when we trust one way and then find it is not that way. 

6. Meantime psychotherapy is learning how to be more effective in getting at root issues. Check out 'memory reconsolidation,' and 'Coherence Therapy.' 

7. Conclusion: Antidepressants have lost their initial appeal. 

8. Alternatives like exercise, fresh air,  sunshine, nutritional and herbal approaches and psychotherapy should be considered to maintaining yourself in an emotionally healthy state.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. This information is not medical advice. Consult a health practitioner for support and wisdom in making any changes to your prescribed medications.

Do not try to control your emotions by shutting down your emotions. How to control emotions.


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