Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Quiet, calm and rest after inner healing

Did you know that quiet, calm and rest is helpful after inner healing?

In depth inner healing is the result of correcting unconscious core beliefs. This happens best at those times when the key memory is brought to recall. That is when the heart is open.

In prayerful inner healing we use listening prayer to receive the truth from God that will replace the core belief. We are listening for God's spoken word to us - a living word. If the memory is activated when God's word is given to us then our heart will be changed.

There is an advantage to being in a quiet, calm and restful state after Christian prayerful inner healing. This is a time of consolidation and you are allowing the change to be accepted into your memory. You are reducing interference with this process.

This is one example of soaking prayer. You are taking time to let the truth of God sink into your heart.


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