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The Role of Prophetic Warnings

It is clear from the writings of the prophets in the Bible that God raises up watchmen who are called to warn of impending problems.  Prophets "dishonour Me,' says Yahweh, if they spare those who ought not to live.  (Ezekiel 13:20.)  There must be a prophetic warning.

Any prophet (pastor, counselor, elder) who misleads God's people by failing to warn and expose, are themselves subject to judgement.  Such a false prophet fails God by encouraging the wicked "not to give up their wicked ways." (Ezekiel 13:22.)  God's response is to "rescue my people from your clutches."  There must be a prophetic warning.

You are familiar with the phrase: "peace when there is no peace."  It is from Ezekiel 13:10. It is misleading the people to say "no problem" when there is a problem.  It is misrepresenting God to say "Mercy, mercy" when sin has not been confronted and is defiling many.  There must be a prophetic warning.

God's word from God's council will turn men away from sin.  "Had they been present at my council, they could have proclaimed my words to my people and turned them from their evil way and from the wickedness of their deeds." Jeremiah 23:22. There must be a prophetic warning.

Now is not the time to turn away from Yahweh in favour of Baal.  That is what the false prophets do according to Jeremiah 23:27.  I know that God's word was spoken to Ralph Rutledge while he was still at Queensway Cathedral.  Men of God spoke the oracles of God from his pulpit - words of warning, prophetic warnings.

God loves Rutledge and does not want him to perish; did not want the flock to be scattered.  (Many were dismayed when their beloved pastor fell.)

But ultimately God must turn against those who do not repent, against those who scatter the flock.  Yahweh promises to "take care of" those shepherds who do not take care of the flock.  Jeremiah 23:2.  But first there is a prophetic warning.

If the prophetic warning is delivered, then the blood is not on the hands of the prophet.  He can leave and 'wipe the very dust from that town from his feet.'



At 6:46 PM , Blogger Rev Enue said...

I too am a Profit.
And as a member of Queensway cathedral from 1982 to 2002 we also remember those glorious days
that the house of pride operated in its full glory.
What about Gill, D'Orazio, Williamson and so many more, did they not know? Oh one pastor did know and they gave him the left foot of fellowship.
Why did they ignore the warnings of Wilkerson earlier and then and James Robinson in the 1988 Prophecy conference?

At 7:02 PM , Blogger Rev Enue said...

Mr Hartwell.
We met you in the portable school building at the Queensway in 1983 after Mr Sheppard's class. I do not know why I remember this after 28 years.

I also remember
the Pastor you are so angry about.
He was a very, very persuasive and charismatic man. He did not fool everyone however. He was warned by Wilkerson and James Robison. Also a young pastor at queensway warned him and was given the left foot of fellowship as a result. The one thing I do remember about the Queensway was the almost total lack of discernment they displayed throwout the years. Was it spiritual pride that led to spiritual blindness?

At 11:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked at Queensway Cathedral from 1983-1985 as custodian/janitor and worked volunteer after that and was very close to Pastor's office and never saw any nonsense at the church anyways. If someone makes a mistake and the wife forgives it's no one's business. All you're out for is money and ruining someone's reputation. You should renounce what you said.

At 5:08 PM , Blogger George C. Hartwell said...

Thank you Rev. Enue for pointing out that Ralph Rutledge did receive prophetic warnings during his ministry. I remember that Rienhart Bonke gave a word of warning when he was speaking at Queensway Cathedral.

I was told that Pastor Gill tried to approach Ralph to find out what was wrong but was stonewalled.

I have heard that Jan, Rutledge's secretary, once caught him doing something he shouldn't to a young man. But unless and until you try to confront a head pastor about this kind of issue you do not know how much power they wield to shut down and cover up issues. They have a lot of consolidated power.

Read "Demons in the Sanctuary" for an example of how hard it is to confront a charismatic and manipulative head pastor.

I am not so much "angry" at Rutledge as deeply concerned that his abuse has gone on unchecked and undisclosed for these many years. People continue to get hurt in various capacities when they connect with him. I am angry about the harm that he has been done, concerned about his own soul, his own children and brothers, for the many abused by him.
If allowed to, he would not only deny the issue but act hard done by by the PAOC and anyone else that has attempted to bring accountability.

At 5:15 PM , Blogger George C. Hartwell said...

Rev Enue,
Anyone with a calling as a prophet is a threat to any such person as Ralph because God may give you an extra level of discernment to see what is going on.
That this is unique is shown by the fact that you are the only one writing in who knew what was going.
You say "He did not fool everyone" and that is true. But he did fool almost everyone.
When you read Demons in the Sanctuary you will see that none of them discerned anything or knew anything until they were forced to deal with the man.
Sometimes - not always - those on the inside will come to know what is going on.
A predator can operate with extreme subtlety.

At 4:39 PM , Blogger George C. Hartwell said...

I have been researching the underground church in China and the work of early missionaries there.
One lady is called "the mother of the house churches" in Hanan province.
The liberal Christians of China including the missionaries were ineffective. She wondered why.
When she spoke she spoke gently and humble but without compromise on sin and the need for repentance.
Imagine these days a preacher focused on law and sin. That was her focus. She put a spotlight on sin. She questioned whether people were truly born again.
The Holy Spirit moved during these messages. How can we explain that?
Do we need to get tougher with sin?


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