Sunday, October 11, 2009

Forgiveness Prayer - how to minister forgiveness

On my new web site I recently added a new article on ministering forgiveness. It is called Forgiveness Prayer - asking God for forgiveness of sins.

Ministering forgiveness means that the inner healing prayer touches the heart. The most powerful ways to do that engage deep emotions or use the imagination. Faith of the heart strategies are listed in faith of the heart prayers.

When we are emotional our heart is open. When we activate our creative sanctified imaginations our spirit is engaged. One of the heart prayer strategies is "Use the imagination. Create prayer pictures and dramas."

So how do I minister forgiveness? I create a picture. I set up a picture - a Dialogue with Jesus Scene. I ask my client to imagine a safe place, either real or imagined, where they would feel comfortable meeting with Jesus.

In the scene I might have them ask Jesus directly: "Do you forgive me?"

Then we wait for the response. Jesus may respond verbally or non-verbally (with a feeling of comfort or love). By using an imagined encounter with God, the Holy Spirit is able to communicate God's Word directly to our spirit. Then what happens is powerful. Because the active Word of God experienced through listening prayer is living and active and penetrates our heart.

The result is an active encounter with God - a healing encounter that ministers God's love, acceptance and forgiveness to our heart.

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Broken Heart Prayer

Tami writes in from South Africa to report success using the Broken Heart Prayer from This prayer is used in times of Heart Break and Depression.

When going through times of great grief, stress and heart break you have a choice. Give your heart to God and your heart may stay soft and love again. Suffer alone and your heart may become hardened to love. Later you may want to love and even get married but your heart refuses to cooperate. Here is what Tami says:

"I have said the Broken heart prayer by giving my heart to precious Jesus.
I felt the holy spirit in my presence in this office. I felt my body
reacting and I stopped shivering from pain and sadness.

I gave Lord my situation as its heavy for me and He is the only one who
gave take care of what I am going through, I want Him to intervene in
this situation and I want to be free from hatred and negative thoughts.
In Jesus name I pray that I may find Healing and that I may be able to
forgive and move on to the land where the Lord has prepared for me.

Thank you and may God Bless.


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