Monday, May 11, 2009

Can you love when you are angry?

Can you love when angry?
People that care want the best for the other. Is it possible to deeply want to bless and build up another and also be intensely angry with that one?
Love and hate are opposite. Anger and love are not. Anger moves us to speak up and rebuke, discipline, confront the one we love. Study my article on Anger, Hate, Forgiveness and love to sort this out. I believe that we can be angry, in a good way, with those we love. to God/
Anger, Hate, Forgiveness and Love

Can you love when angry? Of course!

God never stops loving us with God love, Agape (in Greek) love, committed caring. See God Love. Yet God can discipline those He loves. God can be angry with His people but his fixed position, his very nature is God love.

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Cleanse the Temple

Cleanse the Temple
Jesus cleansed the temple in Jerusalem. In this life transforming prayer we ask him to cleanse our inner sanctuary of any idols. Pleasing people makes people into idols. That is just one example.
Cleansing and deliverance. Removing evil - deliverance from evil - is similar to cleansing. One could use this prayer for deliverance.
Cleanse the Temple

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Good Grief!

Good Grief!
Grief is a natural God-given response to deep losses. The Bible teaches "Blessed are they that mourn." How can it be a blessing to grieve?
There is a very powerful way that grief can lead to blessing. Learn how to visualize yourself sharing and being listened to and comforted by Jesus.
This not only brings comfort it builds attachment - a love relationship forms between you and Jesus. This is especially important for those who have never experienced a secure safe emotional bond.
The article on is called Grief and comfort.

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"Don't trust your feelings!"

Christians are often told: "Don't trust your feelings."
That is not always helpful because our spirit and the Holy Spirit speak to us through our feelings. So don't tune out to your feelings. Listen.
Christians are aften told that anger is wrong. I wish we taught that anger has a place but hatred hurts both us and the other person. It acts like a curse.
Could I suggest that we reserve our misgivings for hate, bitterness, hostility, resentment and any feeling leading to revenge against another. Keep 'anger' free of negative judgement unless it is used sinfully.
It is said: "Do not let the sun go down on your wrath." Please interpret this to mean that anger needs to be expressed. Look at anger as energy from God to get us talking, confronting, standing up to injustice, unfairness, hurt and oppression.
Be guided by: "Be angry but sin not." Ephesians 4:26. Take this to mean that you can confront the issue without putting down the person. Sin enters in when we call names, put down or intentionally hurt another. Speak the truth in love.
For more on this see: Anger, Hate, Forgiveness and love.

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