Sunday, July 24, 2011

Marital Therapy by a Christian Counsellor

Being a Christian counsellor and providing marital therapy in Mississauga Ontario, Canada is a joy to me and a blessing to those couples who maintain regular appointments.
Christian couples come to my office in Mississauga from Oakville, Etobicoke, Brampton and Toronto.  Couples search for marital therapy Oakville, or marital therapy GTA, for example, or Christian marital therapy.  What do Christian couples expect from a therapist?
Quite simply people expect:

  1. to be respected as people and
  2. treated fairly.
  3. To be listened to with a wise and objective position, that is
  4. Not taking sides and
  5. Not pushing your own agenda.
This means that the first question that I ask a couple asking for Marital therapy is what is their goals.  The only way I can not impose my own agenda it by asking for a listening to their agenda.
I need to be careful not to takes sides.  I take a fairly objective stance.  I do not let my subjective biases take over.  Each partner needs to be respected and handled even evenhandedly. 

Yes, I am a Christian marital therapist but one would hope that the above guidelines be respected by Christian, Catholic, secular or Jewish counselling services.

Of course I do not impose my faith position on any couple.  I do not even pray with them to start without their explicit permission.  It is all about respect. 


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