Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Why pick on the Baptists

There is a problem with evangelicals and it is hard to know what it is the reason. We can smell something rotten but have trouble picking it out 

I listened to a pray that a woman found to break a curse against her. It was long and thorough. Could that be a problem?

It involved a complete list of sins to confess, renounce and ask forgiveness for. Could that be part of it?

This is the world of the dedicated evangelical. One gets used to the pattern and focus of these zealous Christians.

It is no surprise when the prayer turns to driving out demons. Many are named and commanded to leave in Jesus name.

Listen to the language. Make a count of the themes. Sin gets lot of attention so it can be forgiven. Demons get a lot of air time so they can be commanded to leave.

It is like walking through a heavy rain without protection. One's senses are hit with a downpour of sins being named and then demons getting attention.

The dangerous question to ask is, "is it effective." I find some Evangelicals do not ask that question and they don't want you to raise it. 

This prayers and ones like it are recited without questions about effectiveness. Don't ask.


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