Monday, December 17, 2012

Silent divorce

What is it like to enter into marriage where you do not really bond?

I just wanted to say thank you for the above article. It is the best article that I have ever seen regarding my situation. My situation is basically a marriage that has never truly bonded. My wife has bonded to me and I have largely just "gone along to get along", but nothing that I would describe as a bonding experience between two people. Most people are pretty bonded on their wedding day, but my situation was not like that even though it looked that way on the outside. 

It has been almost 8 years that have been unbearable  I don't fully understand how it happened or why it happened the way it did. I also don't know what will happen from here. In either case, I wanted to thank you for the article because it describes my situation.

Sincerely, Robert 

It is quite possible to enter into marriage because it is a good idea or has many benefits but without the willingness to enter into the sharing and mutuality of real bonding.  Robert is one example of someone that did that.

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