Saturday, November 19, 2011

Uncomfortable talking about a life destroyed by those who are into 'casting spells and dabbling in magic.'

A lot of damage can be done by those who out of hate and jealousy becomes "workers of iniquity."  This is the story of Peggy (not real name) who has turned to both the church and to Wicca to break something off her life.

Here is how she starts: 'I am looking for some type of help that I need....the story that I have, most people don't believe, but I promise you it is 100% true, I have no reason to lie, I don't want the attention, I don't want money, I don't want anything other than just getting my life back...I have not had my life in so long, I am not even sure what my life is anymore, I just know my desperation for help.  I'm not even sure how all of this fits, I'm not sure of anything anymore, except the pain and anger, and frustration and hurt....please help me...I have tried going to two others, but no one can seem to be able to do anything.'

I will skip some of her story to share about when she was engaged to be married: '.Two years later, I was dating my fiance when he went into the military.  I was so happy I was going to be with him through the entire time, but circumstances broke us up, and when I went to my best friend at the time, she told me she hated me for having him for as long as I did and being able to be out in the open holding his hand, hugging him, kissing him, when she wanted him so bad...but then I found out they had been having an affair for about a year before she came and told me that, so of course I let the two of them be and went off my own way.  I believe she is the one that may have put something on me, she had been into that kind of thing, casting spells and dabbling in magic.'

So here is someone with hate, jealousy and wanting to possess Peggy's fiance.  Her 'friend' casts spells and dabbles in magic.  Is that of significance?  Was her friend using spells to capture Peggy's fiance and may she have put a spell or curse on Peggy to make her relationships with men go badly?  Because from here on, in Peggy's life, relationships with men did go badly.

Here is how it went with her first husband: 'My husband started losing his jobs, couldn't find a job and keep one to save his life, he was all over the place.  Things were getting bad when I had to go back to work 2 weeks after our daughter was born so that we could try to keep bills paid and such.  It was like a downward spiral after that, nothing went right.  I attributed it to us being young and inexperienced.  I had to work 3 jobs to try to make ends meet, we stayed together for less than six months before we filed for divorce.  During that time, things just kept going downhill for us.  At that time, my husband told me he felt like a dark cloud got the better or him when he was around me.  He said he couldn't explain it, but he felt so helpless and angry when he would get around me.  After the divorce, it took him a little bit, but he started getting his life together, getting a good job, straightening the damage that was caused during our marriage out, and finally getting his life straight.'

The observations of the husband suggest a spell or curse designed to drive the man away from Peggy.

A second marriage resulted in another such scene: "My second husband was doing good before he came into contact with me.  Granted, it wasn't him being rich, but he had a job, a truck, a life before he met me...then we met, I got pregnant with my son, and we got married, but even before when I first found out I was pregnant, things started going downhill for him....he lost a job that he had managed to keep for about 2 years, and after that, the downward spiral started again, a little worse this time...we filed for divorce, separated, etc, and he managed to start pulling his life back together again...he got a good job, got into a home, got a new truck, was like clockwork..."

Now she is concerned with what is happening to her third husband: "Now it's happening third husband is going through the EXACT same thing that my first two husbands went through, and the most scary part is that he tells me that when he's angry at something, and I do something small that makes him mad, he tells me that he doesn't know why, but he just has the urge to hit me.  He has never done so, his senses tell him better, but he says he gets so angry with me that he has the urge to hit me and he's never felt like that with a woman he's been with."

So this woman sense a strange force at work destroying her relationship with men.  She can trace it back to her girlfriend who was into that kind of thing: casting spells and dabbling in magic.

Peggy has tried different directions to break this off her life and her husbands without success.  She needs clear guidance as to how to break a curse in Christ and that it is more effective than other methods.

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