Monday, August 24, 2009

Listening Prayer for inner and emotional healing

Listening Prayer can be effective for inner and emotional healing.

I have been using listening prayer for inner and emotional healing for over 30 years now.

I started with John and Paula Sandford's work. I learned it directly from them from tapes, conferences and their books. I used their concepts for years with some success.

I learned of the value of Listening Prayer for inner and emotional healing from Leanne Payne. She told us that people responded very quickly to a listening prayer approach. I learned from her conference, tapes and books.

My articles on and provide information about how I put listening prayer into practice in the professional Christian counseling context.

Based on the learning styles, I look for three main listening to God styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. I use imaginative drama for the visual and kinesthetic and dialogues with Jesus for our auditory listening.

My contribution to Listening Prayer for inner and emotional healing is to be more practical and specific about how to do it. I have acknowledged and integrated the use of imagination in prayer which is a return to what Agnes Sanford taught. I recognize that people have different listening styles.