Thursday, November 25, 2004

Spiritual Intention

There is a spiritual intention that makes things happen and it seems that I have that intention regarding the Heal My Life Community and the spread of Listening Prayer Therapy. Things are happening alright and have been since I said that I want to train 100 people in Listening Prayer therapy.
For example, I made the decision to visit Ohio recently for a weekend conference on "Peak Oil and Community Solutions." Just about ready to pull out the driveway and begin the big 8 hour drive when the office phone rings. The one you will get to if you phone (416) 234-1850 or 1 877 854-3990 in Canada or United States.
A lady calls from seeing the web site and had some questions for me. It turns out that her TheoPhostic work got stuck or unfruitful and she had found me. That weekend she and her husband drove three hours to where I was and we spent 8 hours that were productive for first her and then her husband. (That paid for the conference!)
This week a lady from Bermuda is confirming a retreat of four days here in Ontario. She will fly here to get some things dealt with. Each person that comes for intensive work like this I am saying to bring a tape recorder in case they turn out to be potential therapists for others.
My hope is that over the next year the work of all of us in the Heal My Life community will bear fruit in the production of clear teaching material to explain Listening Prayer Therapy to others. This will take work on each of our parts. Your comments or questions to me, the group or the web log will help this process.
The hard but necessary work for each of us is producing the transcripts of the sessions. Do one piece at a time and let me know that you have done some.
Why not make a spiritual intention for your life.
Blessings to all,
George <>