Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Heal My Life Community - my Vision

This is about my vision of the Heal My Life Community whose mission is to be touched by and to touch others with Heal My Life experiences with God.

Community is Jesus' idea. He challenged men to follow him; and they did. They went where he went: saw what he did and learned to do what he did. They were there when ministry happened. Thus they gained first hand experience of his ministry.

Then Jesus challenged his disciples to do what he did. He sent out his 12 to proclaim the same message and do the same works that he did. As they did this they gained hands on experience of his ministry. But now, his ministry became their ministry.

The Heal My Life Community is a network of those who share their experiences with Life Transformation Therapy with others in the community of those learning.

How have they been touched by my ministry - "the HealMyLife experience" or "Listening Prayer Therapy?" Initially they benefiting personally from sessions with me or by accompanying someone who benefited from sessions with me. However, in the second generation, they will have been touched by sessions with you or accompanying someone who benefited from sessions with you.

How do you have sessions with George?
At the moment, there are several ways to have sessions with George. By phone is one way. In person sessions are another way.

Where does this happen? People fly to Toronto ands stay here for a series of sessions. They may come to a retreat center near Toronto where I devote several days exclusively to them. They may have volunteered for a demonstration at a "HealMyLife Seminar" in Toronto. Or, I may have gone to their location for a series of private sessions.

In the future, I may go to locations where small HealMyLife Communities are forming to do some private sessions and training. There may come a time when members of the HealMyLife community will enjoy a week at a summer camp together - a week which will include sharing and practicing of skills.

Willing to Share
I have asked potential members to record (make audio tapes, for example) their sessions with me; to type then out (transcribe on a computer) and then forward them to me by e-mail. After appropriate cuts and edits and with agreement of those concerned, these will be posted where they are private and available only to other members of the Heal My Life community. This will be done on a nonpublished web site with security passwords for the community.

This exercise is a work of love. You benefit others who are learning and increase your own learning. When you have finished you will have not only experienced the session and gained the benefits from that but you will have listened to it in a more detached frame of mind when you can think about it. By typing you have experienced it through movement - kinaesthetic learning. When it is done you can read it for visual learning.

The value to the learning community is that your transcript provides raw data - first hand experience - that is a different type of learning than reading about the process. Just a Jesus disciples experienced his ministry first hand, I want the Heal My Life Community to read and experience that first hand way what Listening Prayer Therapy feels like.

Just as Jesus invited his disciples to have first hand experience when he said, "Follow me," in the Heal My Life Community we gain first hand experience of Listening Prayer Therapy by experiencing it.

Just as Jesus authorized his disciples to go and heal the people and so gain hands-on experience in the same way that he did, the Heal My Life Community is authorized to use what has touched you to touch others and so gain hands-on experience.

As you put others in touch with the healing presence of God leading them into a "Heal My Life experience" you can ask them to record and transcribe their experience. Then they can learn deeper how they were healed and be better equipped to touch others. As they lead others into this experience they have come close to joining the Heal My Life Community.

This reminds me of Jesus saying: "You are close to the Kingdom of God."

Blessings community.