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Christian Therapy for Codependence

Many people go through life struggling with a Codependent Personality from their childhood. That’s why I’ve spent the last 45 years perfecting methods that help people to receive inner healing so they can break out of dysfunctional patterns and enjoy life again.
- George Hartwell, M.Sc. Registered Psychotherapist. (416) 939-0544

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Self-Help for the Codependent.
I can make a variety of self-help suggestions for the Codependent. There is a problem with that approach.  In my experience, backed up by psychological research, self-help efforts may have success for a few weeks or a few months. But, in the long-term, they often come to nothing. Old patterns come back. We revert to our codependent personality

Why old patterns come back:

1. Every attitude, behaviour or personality pattern that was developed in childhood is firmly planted in our memories,

2. Core beliefs are embedded in our unconscious memories.

3. Emotional learning, attitudes and motivations find their foundation in early memories.

4. The memories with our core beliefs, attitudes, and emotional learning are not readily accessed. Important as they are they have been forgotten.

Why our Memories are not easily Changed

1. Self-help will not be able to change learning that is primarily unconscious.
2.  Our memories are only open to change when they are conscious. 
3. Even conscious memories only change when specific conditions are met. 
4. Few are those who understand these conditions. 

So can codependency by Healed with Christian Therapy?

Yes, Healing involves making these memories, core beliefs and assumptions conscious. Only a psychotherapist who is up to date on memory reconsolidation will set up the specific conditions that lead to permanent change in this emotional learning which can trigger a personality change. 

1. A Christian therapist will have the help of the Holy Spirit and listening prayer to pinpoint the memory.

2. After identifying feelings and core belief in the memory one can talk to Jesus and ask for the truth.

Codependency is the tendency to help, support and rescue people in a way that becomes dysfunctional. You can end up in a pattern of love relationships with broken people. There is much positive about you as the person who is codependent ( Rescuer) to others, however, it takes a toll on you. It can be a precursor to depression, Bipolar patterns, strokes and anxiety. 

Codependency is a personality pattern that developed in childhood and stays behind in adulthood. It stays because it is firmly planted upon the memories, core beliefs and assumptions formed in the events of childhood. Usually, that means that mother or father was not fully consistently functioning as the adults in the family. There can be many reasons for that.


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