Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Witchcraft, Spell or Curse in Africa - a Plea for Help

The Plea for Help for African witchcraft, spell or curse.

Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 6:15 AM

Dear Mr Hartwell,

I am writing to you from South Africa, and desperately in need of
counseling, I came across your website while looking for the different types
of curses.  (www.HealMyLife.com Types of Curses,  Deliverance from Curses and Breaking Curses.)

I will have to explain my situation to you, I am not very clued up on witchcraft
but I believe that my family and I are under a spell, and I have been praying for
years to see victory and I seem to be praying amiss, you see sir, a few years ago
I had a run in with one of the local servants in the area, when I got back from work
the next day I found that the front windows of our home and the gates had been
smeared with human faeces, we just cleaned it up, but since, I have been unable to hold
on to a single helper for more than a month. I know it sounds trivial but being under
this spell has caused us more harm than you could ever imagine, we seem to be the
laughing stock of the neighborhood and the Bible says that the Lord has made us the
head and not the tail, he has set us above and not below, I truly am at my wits end
could you please advise me on how to pray in this area, I would really appreciate it.

George Hartwell replies:

As you read my various articles on breaking curses and dealing with witchcraft, both on HealMyLife.com and listening-prayer.com, develop a set prayer to use in your case.  A set or crafted prayer is written carefully once to be used many times.

Listen to God to help you and use my articles to guide and scripture and write out a prayer.  Spending time with God you are asking "How should I pray about this so Jesus can be shown to have the victory in this situation?"

Send it to me when you have a first draft and I will help you in crafting your "Set Prayer."  Then you use that prayer every day.  A "Set Prayer" is something like a cannon in warfare.  Once you have your gun in place it can help win the battle.

There are other things to do and we will add them after you develop your 'set prayer.'   Let us get you into victory in Christ.
See the following articles:

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At 11:53 PM , Anonymous belinda said...

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