Sunday, August 07, 2011

How to Break a Curse using Jesus in Between

If you are a Christian who needs to break a curse then I have a lot to say about that .  For now let my link you to my article on about how to break a curse with my Jesus in Between prayer.

There are many ways that Christians can experience coming under a curse.  Our own sinful dabbling in psychic, occult, Wicca, ouiji board, will act like a curse.  So will 'witchcraft prayer' - these are controlling prayers where we try to impose our will on another.  We may use demonic 'spiritual warfare' where we break rank and take authority that we do not have by so-called 'binding' Satan or Princes of the air.

Many Christians have experienced the impact of people speaking ill of them, of shame curses, of witchcraft and Voodoo, of other Christians cursing them through so-called Christian prayer.  For the people experiencing the oppression, ill-health, physical attacks, nighttime attacks, bad dreams, etc. the effects are very real.  Curses cause us to come under demonic oppression.

When Jesus says; "I am the Door of the sheep" John 10:7, I picture the sheep fold made of rocks in the wilderness.  Once the sheep are in for the night the shepherd sleeps right in the entrance so that no wild animal can get in without coming through him.

When we ask Jesus to be in between us and any source of curses we are saying that you have to come through Jesus before you can get to me.  Jesus is the door, the shield, the firewall between us and any source of cursing.  This is a powerful picture and a true one and an effective prayer for breaking curses.

George Hartwell M.Sc. Christian counsellor provides Christian counselling ( counseling / therapy ) through 90 minute in person sessions at his office in Mississauga.  As a professional Christian Marriage counsellor George provides Christian marriage counselling counseling for couples in Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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