Sunday, August 07, 2011

Breaking a curse by praying for a Peace Bond

Jesus teaches us to persist in prayer saying will not God vindicate His People.  When a judge posts a Peace Bond it is a judgement that keep a person safe from harassment.  One of the meanings of vindicate is to deliver one from wrong, oppression or the like.

Curses cause demonic oppression and we need deliverance from them, vindication.  This asking to be free from the oppression from curses is what Jesus means by vindication.  Jesus is saying that we can pray for a Peace Bond against enemy harassment.

I explain more about breaking a curse by praying for a peace bond on

There I suggest that one can prepare a brief and present it to the Heavenly Council and ask for their judgement.  I expect that there will be an easing up of oppression and harassment from this.  

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